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What’s Mad Enough To Shout About?

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The time has come again for yet another huge announcement!! Yes I know, I don’t do them as often as I should but believe me, I really think this one was worth the wait!

I have so much to cram into this and I don’t want to make it into a massive page of text that you get bored halfway through so I wont go into everything in detail, you are welcome to ask anything you want to in our discord and any of the staff, including myself will be happy to answer.

As some of our regulars know, I have been teasing for a while now about a few new and ‘out of the park’ modpacks coming to the Madhouse servers and I hope I have not disappointed with such a long wait. I have been searching for a while now and given lots and lots of thought into which ones to choose out of the many many packs out there.

So, to kick off, as some of you know, we are currently running The Simple Life 2 on our network and over the past few months as been a very popular modpack. Robin, aka 99Blocks, the modpack owner as asked us if we would like to be Alpha testers for The Simple Life 3 Modpack which is a huge honour for us at the Madhouse and we can not wait!! So a huge thank you to 99Blocks for even considering us and inviting us into that part of his process in making his new pack. <3 Of course that will be replacing TSL2 once we get our hands on it.

Now on with the server news, we have decided to swap out Skyfactory3 with Modern Skyblock 3 by EmosewaGamer. Skyfactory3 has now run it’s course and is well and truly due for a reset and fresh look. This will be up and ready as soon as a spawn is made for it. Next, we have not one, not two, but three, yes THREE brand new modpacks for you to sink your teeth into and hopefully something for everyone. They all come off the Twitch launcher and are all 1.12.2 packs.

The first one I came across and will be added is ‘World of Dragons’ by kreezxil…

In this world there is technology and magic. It is your task to subdue the dragons, using any combination of technology and magic you so desire. To help you in your quest there are special armors that you can craft from the carcasses of the dragons you kill. You may also encounter villages with a questing shopkeeper and village lords that have special needs. Each have good rewards should you appease them.

What can i say about why I chose this pack.. Well, my first initial thought was, a lot of people have asked for pixelmon back which we wouldn’t do. (C&D). So I wanted to bring something in which was sort of similar in a way and what’s more exciting than dragons? Yes!! you guessed it UNICORNS!!! I only actually found that out tonight (Tuesday 28th Feb) when I was loading up to start the Spawn. Yes it has unicorns in the pack which has made Aurora one very happy crazy person 😀 😀

Although I did build most of the spawn from the ground up all my own work, I can not take credit for the awesome dragon that we put in. I did change all the blocks out to make it completely different to the original which was part of a design made by thebigbaron called Dragon & Chapel which you can see the original here

The second one which is also added is ‘Millionaire’ by jelaw22.

Take on the role of an enterprising entrepreneur in this trade and economy based modpack with an Adventure Capitalist feel. You could build an expansive corporation of industries and manufacturers, all lining your pockets with pennies from heaven. Or show off your negotiating savvy by buying and selling goods to the global market. Even hunt down the best “high end” trades from local villagers. Alas, you could kill and plunder your way to riches. With customized loot tables, new villager trading tables, advancements, hidden mods to unlock and an unique economy, there are many way to become a MILLIONAIRE $$$.

This pack gives our community a chance to work as the community we are by way of wheeling and dealing amongst ourselves in a bid to make it to the top of the corporate ladder before any of our fellow workers do. Have you got what it takes to become the first Madhouse Millionaire $$?

Spawn built by our very own resident MHMiner leefield1 (own design). We had some good fun furnishing that place!

The third one added to the network is ‘TMQ2 Wasteland by celovert.

In this world no water, most of surface is desert and angry mobs attack you. You must survive and build u own civilization.This modpack includes machine, magic, quest and all around helpful mods. You can build massive structures with many different textures and angles thanks to Chisel and Bibliocraft or you can make machines automated to perfection thanks to Mekanism, Tech Reborn and Thermal Expansion.

I don’t want to take anything from celovert in putting together of this pack and I hope he will take it as a compliment if he ever reads this, but this pack has a similarity to the old 1.7 Regrowth pack. So if you remember that pack and enjoyed it as much as I did back in the 1.7 days then you are sure to enjoy this pack as much as I have testing it out to put on the Madhouse Network!

A simple spawn built by myself.. Well it was on wasteland and we can’t afford luxuries. It does the job and keeps you alive if you happen to join at night! 😛

I want to say a super huge THANK YOU to Lee (leefield1) for his super hard work on a couple of the spawns!(Millionaire and the Hub) They are absolutely AMAZING!! Really can’t thank you enough Lee <3 and the laughs that went with them.

Moving on to the hub and where we are at with that. We was hoping to have it done for all the new packs to go on before release but unfortunately this hasn’t been possible. Crouch is still working on it and still trying to find ways to try and get ALL the packs connected to it. This is still a work in progress and I felt that with all the packs sat ready and waiting to be released that we should press on with the releases and introduce them to the hub once it is ready and available to do so.

All of the other servers should be up-to-date now and once we have swapped out the skyblock server to the new one (next on the list) and everything is settled we will concentrate on the other map resets ie. RR4, Beyond, Direwolf etc. For now, Thank you for reading and I am sure to be back again soon!

As always, A huge thank you to all the Madhouse team. Much appreciation, I couldn’t do it without you <3 and thank you to our players who keep coming back (so we can't be that Mad)!

We are still always on the lookout for new staff memmbers to come and join our team at the Madhouse. If you are interested in the role of Moderator across any of the Madhouse network, either Modded or Vanilla all you need to do is take a look in the Applications drop box and Staff Applications for more information. Do not post replies or interest for staff in the comments, thank you. 🙂

Happy mining and as always… stay a little bit Maaaaddd and respect the Unicorn!! 😉

Aurora & Team