Hardcore Questing Mode

Hardcore Questing Mode Server.



We have decided to bring something new and fresh to the Madhouse by way of a HQM Server. What is this? You may wonder. Well, Every couple of months or so, depending on the popularity of each questing modpack we will set up a new 1.10 HQM modpack server replacing the old one at the players’ requests.

This so far has proved to be a really popular server and while the server is getting players on who are enjoying the questing packs, we will still continue to have the server up and keep changing the packs over as and when they come to the end of their life-cycle with the community.

The current one we are running is yet another brilliant pack by 99BlocksYT and is ‘The Simple Life 2’ (version 1.3.2).

The overview for this pack and worded by Block99YT himself is as follows…  

The Simple Life 2 takes a slightly different approach to Minecraft than most other Mod-packs. It has been designed with some unusual and lesser known mods alongside the more popular 1.10 offerings. It also focuses heavily on long-term playability by creating an almost serene world to explore whilst being able to detail, build, craft and collect to your hearts content. This is not a pack about power-playing or reaching the end-game as quickly as possible. It’s more like a meander through the world of Minecraft with a few goals that can be reached whenever you like.

If you have any requests for future HQM packs, please let Aurora or rk3Omega know in our Discord channel and they will be sure to write them down for future packs. You can join our Discord here .

To play on the pack, you’ll have to manually install some files.

In the Twitch-launcher go to “Create Custom Profile” followed by “Import”. 

These are the files that need to be imported: Simple Life 2 files