Foolcraft Livestream Charity Event!

It’s finally here! Madhouse presents Foolcraft!

All our amazing members have been voting for a while now as we have decided to launch our own Foolcraft server! To celebrate the launch of this new server we’ll be livestreaming the launch on the official Madhouse Miners Twitch channel found here!

Not only will be live streaming on this channel but one of our Maintainers GeneralStrange will be livestreaming here! And we hope others will join in the fun, fire up your livestream, invite your friends!

To top things off we’re going to be raising money for the incredible charity Child’s Play! Child’s Play help to bring some needs game time to children less fortunate and child in hospital (we all know how boring that can be!). More details about how you can donate will be found on both the Twitch channels linked above. Currently they have raised nearly $45 million spread across over 140 hospitals and even more shelters across the world and Madhouse would like your support in helping us contribute to this amazing cause.

We’ll be starting the live stream at approximately 8pm GMT, see you there!

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