Madhouse Rules

The Madhouse Rules.


Respect Other Players :
The Procedure for breaking the rules is up to each server staff member who is online at the time.  The rules may change without notice or consent at any time. No cursing is to be aimed AT other players at all whether they are friends or not! This can make other players feel uncomfortable and make continuation of chat awkward. Don’t forget, we have younger players on the server, respect this please.

Playing Together As A Whole:      
Insults, aggressive behaviour towards others as well as racism will not be tolerated. Make sure to remain friendly when talking to others.  Please welcome new players to the servers when they join (remember how scary it is when you first joined and didn’t know anyone)? Moderators and Admins (and their opinions) are to be respected.  Entering other people’s property is only allowed when the owner has given you their permission to do so.  Scamming and artificial inflation is frowned upon. Impersonating Staff members, on Discord, or Curse chats, or any other area of MadHouse Miners will not be tolerated.


Respect The Server:                    
Only English is allowed in the public chat.  Spamming in any kind of way is not tolerated on any chats.  Trading over a public channel is to be kept at a minimum.  Advertising, no matter what it is, is not allowed.  Requests towards moderators or admins have to be submitted via private message on any channel be it Discord or Curse or website.  Bugs and griefing (or similar events) do not belong in the chat, use #support.


Don’t Grief:                                  
We don’t argue with griefers, you WILL be banned.  Intenional or Unintentional griefing is to be reported to staff immediately via PM (in game) or on our  Discord guild.  Negative behaviour  (Griefing, Theft, Name calling…) will not be tolerated.  Constructions, chests, animals etc. belonging to other players may not be moved or destroyed without the owners permission. Items which obviously belong to another player may not be destroyed or moved without permission. Usage of levers, buttons, beds (etc.) you don’t own isn´t permitted. This only applies to the ones owned by other players, If you are not sure, CHECK with a staff member who can tell you if it is owned. Do not take it upon yourself to check  Subterranean claims have to be marked on the surface.


Don’t be a Twit:                        
Refrain from overly high/low prices.  Player shops should be done at a reasonable rate and taken into account of the payable rent for the plots allocated. Selling and sharing of endgame items is prohibited. (e.g. bedrock tools/armour, tome of sharing, genes/syringes). Trees have to be chopped down entirely and replanted. Don’t be one of them annoying asses that leave one log right at the top and stop the leaves from decaying! sad . If you build a frame (to build something bigger or nerd pole) you have to remove it afterwards. 1×1 holes, traps and similar ways to kill other players are not allowed in all worlds.
Please don’t build huge just because you can! Huge smelteries can cause lag and will be asked to be made smaller or reduced by staff, and a huge amount of reactors/turbines  are totally unnecessary.


Did You Lose It?:                      
You will not get lost items back. When they’re gone, they’re gone. If you happen to die in the End, there are no graves there and your items will despawn. You will lose them! This has been a known issue/bug for a while now and nothing we can do about it. On some of the servers you can however make a Hardcore Ender Expansion HEE void chest. This sometimes puts lost stuff dropped into the void back in the chest what you have lost but not a guarantee. Lost graves = lost items… you may come across it again one day. Having multiple accounts as well as transferring money to new players for no real reason is not permitted. Abusing bugs or exploits will lead to a ban.


Claims might disappear after two weeks of inactivity and the ontime ranks after 4 weeks. This one applies to all servers with a shop or island in it. Make Sure to Check out our chat / voice channels to keep in touch with other players and/or staff.


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